jueves, 30 de agosto de 2007

I hate thinking of titulos (titles).

Here´s a quick recap of the exciting happenings from the past few days:

1. Had a blast dancing the night away on Tuesday. I learned how to salsa and swing, and broke my favorite flip-flop in the process!
2. Met a crazy dude from Eagan, MN at a shawarma restaurant at 2am after night of dancing.
3. Got to go to 2 markets for spanish class on Wednesday - convenient timing, since I was feeling the affects from aforementioned night of dancing.
4. Went to local soccer game last night with friends from school - Liga, the team most people here cheer for, won 5-0. Also risked my life by eating stadium food for the first time - so far, so good (and by good, i mean alive, since the empanada (fried stuffed tortilla concoction) really wasn´t that great).
5. Took another field trip for class today - our teachers took all of us to Palacio de Presidente (Ecua-version of the White House). It was pretty cool to see, and the fact that we had to sneak 2 of our friends in because they had no form of ID made it quite exciting (it´s funny - and also a bit frightening - how they appear to have such tight security, yet didn´t even question the 2 passport/license sets with identical names and pictures within our small group).
6. Last day of clase de espanol tomorrow! I´m not sure if I´m happy or sad or excited or scared out of my mind for that to end...but alas, it is reality whether I´m ready or not!
7. Big move to the CMT volunteer house is Saturday! I´m looking forward to finally being there and meeting everyone I´ll be hanging with for the next year.
8. Love you and miss you all!


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mom dijo...

Keely ~ Esto es para usted: Dad and I went to the State Fair Wed night and as we were leaving Ecuador Manta was playing at the DNR bandshell... check out their website ~ they looked and sounded authentic!
how do you say "titulos"?
love you! Cin Sue

mom dijo...

como asta usted? dad was sad he missed your call. thinking of you on move-in day! hope all goes well... yo mama