viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2007


I´ve accumulated quite the collection of fun and interesting pictures in the month that I´ve been here, and I´ve been trying SO hard to post them online for the past 5 days! I put a few up to the right to start with, but I´m hoping to find a better way to post pics in the future. Until then, I hope these help you to better imagine my life here in Quito...(if you or someone you know has facebook, I did just make an album on there - I´m a little more familiar with that site :)).

Although it has been a great first week of teaching, I am so glad it´s Friday! Six hours of sleep a night and 12-14 hours of working each day is proving to take it´s toll. I´ve been pretty sick with a cold and stomach stuff (again! I have a feeling it might be a weekly occurence...) these last few days, so I´m definitely looking forward to resting and recuperating this weekend.

Computacion concluded on a good note on Wednesday, but I was relieved to not have to teach a 4 hour class again until Monday. I absolutely LOVE my english class. The girls are adorable and so fun to teach. They repeat EVERYTHING I say, and I can´t help but laugh sometimes. We´re learning colors right now, and I´m not sure if they´ve actually retained anything yet, but we sure do have fun coloring, dancing, laughing, and trying to understand each other. During every class so far, I have wished that friends and family from home could experience this with, for those of you who are considering visiting (yay!), I cannot wait to take you to my classes and introduce you to my students. I know you will love it/them!

That´s it for this one. I have to hurry back to the Center to teach my adult classes at 5 and 6:30, then it´s out on the town to meet up with the other volunteers for dinner and drinks (yeah, so much for resting and recuperating...we have to celebrate a successful first week though!).

BIG hugs,

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mom dijo...

Yeah! what a fun surprise to read two blogs within 48 hours! Thanks for the pics! is that the same Stuart in the top photo and bottom?I cannot believe how big your room is ~ and those windows! do you see the sunset or sunrise from them? Pat Boland says hello and happy to hear you're doing so well. Exciting news ~ Lunds&Byerlys now sells gelato MADE IN ITALY many flavors. YUM! Hazelnut is good; I hear cherries and cream is the best. Happy Autumn (on Sunday).
luv, Mum

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Morgan dijo...

Hello my little love muffin. I love reading your blogs! I have a bunch of cards and a package to send you but I'm waiting for a couple more things to go along with it all. I love you and miss you!

mom dijo...

hey honey! How does week 2 of teaching? I haven't forgotten you ~ just swamped at work and went to an excellent speaker at church the last three nights-Dr Kathleen Chesto spoke on Where is God when Life Hurts? Holiness is Not about 'Churchy' Things and The Importance of Rituals.
I love your Ecuador photo album on Facebook!
later gator, mom