viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2007

Feliz Dia de Gracias!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was filled with trying to explain why exactly we eat turkey on this day in the U.S. and translating the cute stickers my mom sent me (still trying to figure out how to say "gobble gobble" in español...). I also found out why I have been feeling so crappy...well, pretty much since I arrived in Ecuador! Turns out I have parasites and a urinary infection (sorry if that´s too much information, but I know some of you wanted to know what was up as soon as I found out). Both are curable with medication, so hopefully I will be feeling as good as new by the end of next week.

It´s been a great week, but I am pretty excited for this weekend...I will save the details for after the fact, but plans include birthday dinner on a balcony restaurant overlooking the city, football and futbol, thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, and lots of chill time.

That´s the quick update for now. Thank you so much to those who have already sent birthday cards and packages! Not only does your thoughtfulness and generosity mean the world to me, but you helped me win a bet too! Jeff bet me that I wouldn´t get more than 5 packages in the 10 days surrounding my birthday - I´ve already received 7, and it´s only been 4 days! He obviously has no clue what kind of amazing family and friends he´s dealing with here...

Please know that words cannot express how thankful I am for your many forms of support, prayers, thoughts, and generosity over these last 3 months. I would not be able to do this without you.


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mom dijo...

Happy Birthday Keels!! It's a beautiful birth day up north... sunny, cold and windy :) enjoy your thanksgiving dinner today.
love you, mom

ryguy dijo...

Happy Birthday Keely!!! Hope all is well with health and B-DAY! I went to Floyd's for a while last night, and saw some of your friends and mom and dad. We played a show last wednesday at Famous Dave's in uptown. It was packed and a good time as well. I sent a Penguins cd with a care package mom was getting together. Enjoy! Anyway, nothing else new with me. Take care and hope you have a wonderful Birthday! See ya!

Pookie Bear dijo...

It is 2 below here today...enjoy the warm weather, I want to come there before break, that is if I don't freeze to the ground first. Love you, hope you had a wonderful birthday babe :)