lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007

I ended up staying here last weekend and enjoying 4 days of doing NOTHING...and that included blogging. oops. I have been busy, as usual, though preparing for the end of my first trimester!

Speaking of which, I cannot believe Christmas is one week away! The lack of snow and presence of warm weather in December has made it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit...but the last week has been full of Christmas decorating, cookie making (mom, you´d be proud), and singing carols by the fireplace, so it´s starting to feel a little more like Christmas time in Ecuador! We are teaching our english classes a few holiday songs and it might be the funniest thing I´ve ever heard..."way weeeeesh you a merrrrrrrrrrry chreeeeeeestmas!" They love it though, and we do too (mostly because it means less actual class planning to do...haha).

Six of us are taking salsa dancing lessons on saturday afternoons. It is so fun, and hilariously awkward at the same time. White girls (and boys) were just not made to move their hips! We´ve already learned a lot though in 2 much so, that we thought we were good enough (after a few margaritas) to show off our moves at an actual club after our lesson on saturday night. haha. The best part was that our instructor ended up coming to the same club and probably felt like it was his duty to dance with us. That´s when I realized I wasn´t as good as I thought.

Well, I´m out. Thinking about you all a lot lately, and wishing we could be together for Christmas...

Much Love,

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Morgan dijo...

damn girl, you better not become a better dancer than me! Now I feel like I should take some sort of lessons..... I have nothing else to do because as of Saturday I'm no longer a student I'm just umemployeed. Scary!

Grace dijo...


My name is Grace and I am going to explore Ecuador this holiday season starting next Friday. I can't help to read your blog (I had found you on a group on Facebook). I just wanted to let you know how your blog/journal fascinates and inspries me to pursue a teaching dream I have in South America.

I hope you enjoy your holidays and wish you all the best!

Much Luv,

Wings dijo...

Hi Keel!
I've been busy at work and wasn't keeping up on your blog... but I'm up to date now! Glad to hear you are taking in all that Ecuador offers. Happy belated bday and early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Reading your blog and comments from your mom and dad make me miss the time I spent with the fam in Chan. But, I'm happy to report that I have a good life going on here in Packer Country - home of the NFC Division Champs!!! I really need to send you a cheesehead - that'll get those Ecuadorian's talking!!! Take care, Janet P

Peg dijo...

Keely, Your Mom & Dad are so excited to go & see you in Jan. I wish I could fit into your moms suitcase. Hugs & love Auntie

Dans dad Dave dijo...

I hope all is well with all of you.......Keely it is that time again...... for you to give Dan a Christmas Hug!!!!We will be coming to visit after Chirstmas...Keely if you need anything from home let Dan or me know....