martes, 4 de diciembre de 2007

It´s December 4th...

and I´m wearing flip flops (my current most "favorite thing about life in Quito").

I have also recently come to appreciate the lack of organization, timeliness, preparation, and prompt communication in this city, and particularly, at the Centro del Muchacho Trabajador. Tomorrow is the Center´s 43rd birthday, and this week is Fiestas de Quito, so we´ve known since September 1st that we would not have school Wednesday (birthday party) and Thursday (national holiday for the founding of Quito). Naturally, we all thought it was slightly ridiculous that we have 2 days of school, 2 days off, then 1 day of school, then 2 days off, and were hoping that they would just cancel classes on Friday as well. Rumors have been circluating for the past school/school/no school/school/nobody really knows what´s going on at all ever. Last night it was "confirmed" that we would indeed "for sure" be having classes on Friday. A mere 12 hours later, they announce that, oops, actually, we´ve come to our senses, and there won´t be classes on Friday! Woo hoo! Now, you can imagine the skepticism that came with this announcement (especially because it was relayed to us via the 2 most sarcastic, joke-sters in the house), but it has been CONFIRMED by the Madre herself - I have a 4 day weekend!!! (Tomorrow doesn´t really count since we´ll be up at 6am to cook breakfast for all 2,000 members, then organizing and helping (and eating, dancing, and playing) until 10 tomorrow night). Now the question is...what to do with all this free time? Hang out with the kids? Take a trip to the beach? Sleep? Stay home and get some work done? Go climb a mountain somewhere? The options are virtually endless - It´s like Christmas 3 weeks early! Seriously, you should see us, walking around like we just won the lottery or something (or as Stuart much more bluntly put it, "we all have those shitty I-just-got-laid grins on our faces" - sorry if that´s not blog-appropriate).

Anyway, it´s looking like I will have PLENTLY of time to fill you in on the details of the birthday party, fiestas, and free time in the coming days :). Until then, I hope you are all having shitty grin kind of days as well, and please go outside and make a snow angel for me! (As much as I love my flip flops, I do miss the snow a tiny bit).

Love Love Love Love Love,

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mom dijo...

totally NOT appropriate... did you forget the grandmas asked me to send a copy of EVERY blog to them? edit or not to edit?

Peg dijo...

I think this is totally appropriate. Your mom was always
"the good sister & I was the bad sister" Loving the pretty snow here. I am going to Osage Sunday & Monday to help Grandma do some packing. Can't wait to check out her new house.
Happy thoughts to you.
Tootles Auntie

Morgan dijo...

I also think this post was very appropriate. I'm glad my little potty mouth is still the same girl that left me back in August. Love you Keel, be good

min-dawg dijo...

Appropriate or not!!
Miss you! Talk about you a lot!!
Hope you are looking forward to Christmas as much as we are!
Enjoy reading about your adventures!
From your favorite min-dawg!!
Love you!

mom dijo...

Keely! Highway 212/312 is now open to Highway 41 in Chaska - Yay! and Kay's Kitchen is closed (something about unpaid taxes according to Al)... boo hoo.

Peg dijo...

Keely, I was in Osage helping grandma pack up a few things. You are going to love her house. Basement will be perfect for slumber parties.
I brought some of grandpa Ivans year books, photo albums, autograph books back with me. Was so fun to look through these. Tootles
Sister Margaret Marie.