miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2008

I will officially be home July 23rd. I am getting pretty darn excited to go to twins games, hang out on the lakes, ride my bike, and shop at target. On the other hand, the reality of how hard it will be to leave here is really setting in.

The past few weeks (or months?) have been busy as usual. Mom and Jill were here visiting in April and we had a spectacular time relaxing in the rainforest, climbing to the top of the basilica, hanging out with the center fams, and salsa dancing! They were big time troopers and fit in just perfectly. Miss you, moms!

Classes are winding down (kind of), the first volunteer leaves Friday (love you Davey-baby), our last weekly reflection is tonight, and the discussions of everything we want to do "one last time" are taking over. I can´t believe a year (almost) has come and gone so quickly. On that note, before this becomes a big sappy mess, I´m going to sign off.

Sorry I don´t have anything interesting to write at the moment...I´ve been sick for the last 6 weeks, and that´s the only thing I can think of right now (but I´ll spare you the ugly details). I promise, I´ll be back.


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