domingo, 1 de junio de 2008

Feliz Dia del Nino!

To all you kids out there, turns out they have here in Ecuador exactly what we've always dreamed of in the United States...Kids Day! And here I thought it was such a long shot when Mothers and Fathers Day would roll around and I'd whine about how there isn't a Kids Day. That's one thing I love about this country - they celebrate EVERY holiday, and they celebrate it good.

On a more serious note, I hope all you "faithful" readers notice that I'm writing for the second time in five days, despite the lack of comments on my last entry.

Here is a list of observations I've compiled over the last month or so, titled "Things that still take me surprise after living here for 10 months." Enjoy.

1. Kids sharpening pencils with a straight-edge razor in the middle of class.
2. I am not sick of rice and beans, even though I eat it for at least 1 meal a day.
3. The view of snow-capped volcano, Cotopaxi, that can only be seen on the clearest days.
4. I regularly get by, even function, on 5 hours of sleep.
5. I dislike most of the chocolate sold in this country.
6. I'm a teacher, I have students, and they still consistently show up for my classes.
7. People never fail to greet everyone in the room when they walk in, even if it means interrupting a meeting they are a half hour late for.
8. I like running, and do so regularly despite the altitude, hills, and pollution, and I've missed it a lot since taking a break due to illness.
9. The sun is SO hot, and when it's not out, it is SO chilly.
10. People who get on the public bus to sell ridiculous things like cookbooks and make-up. And people actually buy them.
11. I suddenly love coconut after despising it for the last 22 years of my life.
12. Seeing our shoe-shine boys out on the streets actually shining shoes.
And finally...
13. I am surprised that I was not surprised to find a bottle of ketchup in my goody bag from a recent 15k race.

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mom dijo...

and I was pleasantly surprised to see 2 blogs within 5 days even before I read the 2nd one!! What a treat...see in 50 daycis! love ya!

jill mcshane dijo...

It was great to read your 2 blogs!!! I must say I had stopped checking to see if you blogged!! I enjoyed your list of observations. The last "Thank you" card you sent was so cute with all the comments from your English Class girls. I had written this whole reply and then tried to send it and it didn't go, then it got deleted. So I'm trying to remember what I had originally wrote, it was also 4 hours ago. I'm feeling like my writing is a little like Aaron!! I get a kick out of his blogs. I'm having my piano tuned today, so it will be ready for you. See you soon, love ya, Jill.

P.S. If this doesn't go, I'm not retyping it. But you won't even know!!!!! Because you won't get it. Now I'm really pulling an Aaron!!!!

Morgan dijo...

love you keel

Wings dijo...

Hey Keel,
I just saw your parents yesterday (Sun. 6/22) It was a last minute surprise as I was in the TC for a concert that my BF daughter was in. It was sooo nice to see them (and Ali for all of 2 seconds). Hopefully next time you will be there!! They showed me pics - and told me all about THEIR adventures in Ecuador. Sounds like this has been a great experience for everyone! Janet