lunes, 23 de junio de 2008

Let the Countdown Begin...

I will be back in MN one month from today! According to mom, that puts us at 29 days and counting. I´ve been getting the "what´s next?" question a lot lately, so this is the plan for now: go home, live with mom and dad in good old Chanhassen, eat delicious food that I´ve been deprived of for the last year, spend major quality catch up time with friends and family, make some money at Deer Run golf course for a few months while I sort through the many opportunities out there...non-profit jobs, other kinds of jobs, jobs involving communication and nutrition, interesting jobs where I feel like I´m positively contributing to society, jobs in Minnesote, jobs elsewhere...the options are endless at this point. As our current favorite spanish phrase goes, vamos a ver (we will see).

I completed my third and (probably) final race at 10,000 feet yesterday. Two of my compadres and I ran a 15k, while one crazy volunteer opted for the longer marathon distance. Despite cramps, coughing and vomiting (oh yes, and the 5:30 AM start time), I ran my best per mileage time yet, thanks to Patrick and Chi running! I really hope to continue running back in the states, so if anyone knows of fun races or good running buddies, let me know. I did petition to get into the Chicago marathon in October, but we were not successful - very possibly a blessing in disguise. Maybe next year...

This morning, I stumbled upon a piece of paper tucked in my notebook titled, "Computacion Class: Day 1 Introduction." Needless to say, it was a full paragraph of what I was going to say to my very first class on my very first day of school. I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions as I glanced over the words...amusement and laughter, embarassment and shame(did I really say THAT?), and a good boost of self-esteem and pride at how "far" I´ve come. Really, I have to sound at least a little bit better than that today, after 10 months of agonizing spanish "oopsies." I´m not going to mention any names, but at least I didn´t argue about the bill with the chinese restaurant owner (turns out $2.50 times 5 IS $12.50, not $7.50) AND confirm our assignment to write a play full of jokes by saying "Sure! We will write a play full of sadness and have it ready for you tomorrow morning!" all in the span of 24 hours (payback time).

On that note, thanks for reading. I´ll be back soon. Love you all, and see you SOON!


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mom dijo...

You're all winners! congrats Keely, Patrick, Lee and Aaron for finishing your races... I'm impressed once again!
mom schallock
p.s. Beth says she loves your blog and wishes she could comment, but the computer won't let her (and you know she always has comments ;)

jill mcshane dijo...

Hi Keely,

I can't believe you'll be home in less than a month. Can't wait. Jono just ran the Grandma's 1/2 marathon. He finished, his only goal. Bob Wolter ran it too, what a speedster. Joseph is always running races, you'll have to give him a call. There's talk about the 1/2 marathon in Detroit Lakes.
My ivories are waiting. Love you, Mom McShane (I saw your Mom signed, mom shallock, so that must mean there is another mom, right??!!!)

Kristin dijo...

squeeky! So I FINALLY read your blog for the first time after an entire year. I'm telling you sister, talking with you the other day made me miss you so much. Although I wish I would've had enough foresight to book a trip and visit you, I know my job wouldn't have allowed it (thank God I got out of there!).

In the next day or so I'm probably going to take up precious job-search time reading allll of your blogs, just so you know. Growing up I was always so envious of your writing and speaking style, it's so much fun to read!

I love you sister and, for real, let's plan on a race trip together. Although the marathon would probably kill my knee, I want to buy a bike and train for a triathlon. Would you be up for it?!

Love, Sparky!!